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This way, you can have infinite copies of your world even if you ruin one. Leave any mounts where they are on a lead, because mounts have been known to de-spawn.

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On a related note, we also welcome contributions for a graphical interface for the Overviewer.

We have written The Overviewer with memory efficiency in mind.

(If you would like to contribute a short tutorial to these docs, please do!

) Batch files are another easy way to run the Overviewer without messing with command lines, but information on how to do this has also not been written.

So you can render your map once with that option and all those extra tiles will get removed automatically. The other half is making sure the tiles along the border are re-rendered, or else it will look like your map is being cut off.

Explanation: The tiles next to the ones that were removed are tiles that should continue to exist, but parts of them have chunks that no longer exist.

You may even see strange artifacts around the border as tiles that should exist get updated.

Now, with the look for and remove tiles that should no longer exist.

This means it does not check or even look at tiles that should not exist.

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