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How pathetic that no one knows how to make friends any more!I was quick to dismiss the people on the site as sad techno-addicts who'd lost the ability to converse.

Rio, who works in equities, tells us how yoga has helped her cope with an agonising break-up.

Andy makes us laugh by revealing the pretentious names he'd initially imagined for his sons. "Opening up your house to strangers and cooking for them is generous," says Sophie. If the Olympics showed Londoners anything it was that we're naturally friendly and Sixdinnerslater lets us meet strangers in a comfortable setting without feeling you're intruding, just as if you were sharing a table on the Eurostar." The site, which now has 360 members and plans to expand beyond London dinners later this year, was founded by Janey de Nordwall last June and she now co-owns it with Remi Olajoyegbe.

As we move onto home-made tarte tatin, Katie and her guests are remarkably open, proving the adage that it's easier to shed one's armour in front of strangers than among friends.

Katie, who works in Barclay's treasury department in Canary Wharf, confesses how upset she's been about having a hard time at work.

Over cassoulet, Andy, a successful screenwriter and cartoonist, married with children, explained why he was out on a cold Saturday night dining with strangers. Someone mentioned Sixdinnerslater on Twitter and I liked the idea," he says.

"This isn't a clique I'm trying to break into – we're a bunch of like-minded people meeting for the first time." Pepe, a charming French lawyer at Credit Agricole, who's gay and in a relationship, told me why he joined: "I used to belong to Michelin Mondays, a dinner club.

About eight of us tried out restaurants once a month and I loved the free friendship without obligation. I've lived here 20 years and have too many friends to see regularly but food's such a great conveyor of friendship.

This is not about sad people without friends – it's about meeting people outside one's own circle and enjoying food, one of my guilty pleasures." Sophie, an executive assistant at Apollo, a Mayfair-based finance company, said, "It's a total misconception that Sixdinnerslater is compensating for the fact we have all these sad shallow friendships on Facebook.

"No we're just two women who love eating, talking and friendship, and want to share it by building a "friends of friends" network," says Remi, "though it's true that friendship is becoming a lost art in an increasingly time-poor and virtual world," adds Janey.

"There were five dinners in January, 17 in March and a further 25 are booked for this month.

claims to be "reinventing the meal" by organising dinner guests into "prides".

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