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Proteins should be priority number 1 in your meal planning.You need to eat plenty of protein to recover fully from all of the exercising and weight training you do.

With the holidays coming up, if you know someone who likes to go to the gym, I will show you some great gym essentials I feel everyone should have in their gym bags.

I would like to let you know that all of the links below are in fact affiliate links to Amazon.

Moderation is the most important word that you need to learn next to planning.

You can eat the cake, donuts, and ice cream in moderation when you plan your meals. If you want to eat something that will embarrass you to admin you’ve eaten, you need to plan it out and eat accordingly the rest of the day.

They are Harbingers and this brand has been around a long time. Instead of using the gym towels or a paper towel, you should invest in a great towel.

I have had a few of these towels and they really do help you stay cool.

It is a bit more expensive than the regular gym bags you may see around but the quality is well worth the cost.

This bag is one I had last year and I really liked this bag. If you want to have a gym bag but don’t want to carry a lot of stuff in it, this bag is perfect.

There are a lot of awesome Bluetooth headphones out there and these are what I use. Spending hours on the cardio machines do nothing but burn you out and make you wish you never started going to the gym in the first place (trust me I know). Choose anything that interests you like picking up a sport, bicycling, or hiking… The reason you are going to the gym is to look and better, right? Here comes the part you’ve been dreading; the weight training.

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