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God knows it has been a nightmare for friends, boyfriends and family, my irritating habit of saying “Wait a minute… Good god woman how do you find the time for column writing, poker playing, game show appearances and servicing multiple lovers. Steve in Newcastle at pm on October 21st, 2011 Well, what an unexpected treat, tuning in to watch WILTY and finding delectable you on Lee’s team. You did fine, Vicky, I think most guests find it difficult to get much of a word in when Lee and David get just said something that wasn’t true…”; combine that with a competitive spirit, and you’ve got a panel show appearance which is heavy on concentration, light on entertaining quips. Poker players: if you watch, I’d be interested to know how you score yourselves. You lied well, and spotted well, and helped your team to a worthy win.Cool, smart and a bluffer of real merit, the poise of a woman and the looks of a girl. Good luck Geordie at pm on October 21st, 2011 When Lee Mack said he would get out his privates under the table to measure them, your comment to him was hilarious, as funny as Jo Brand’s mivvi joke on HIGNFY last week. More good wishes from The Apostrophe Protection Society & its webmaster (me) and John Richards (whom you have met), its Chairman. At the other end there’s Tiger Tim with his wife standing behind him looking peeved saying ‘Is it that bloody Coren woman again?

That’s quite a rare approach to television these days, good for you.

Sloe Loris at pm on October 22nd, 2011 First time caller, long time listener, as they probably don’t still say on the radio.

catnip at pm on October 21st, 2011 Intrigued to know how you intuitively knew the testicle measuring device was not fake from first sight. You seemed to enjoy it too, so can I ask, did you enjoy being part of WILTY more than HIGNFY?

Oh, and I would say I do about average with my guesses, but then I don’t really try that hard. Steve x Max at pm on October 21st, 2011 Having someone actually take it seriously provided its own entertainment.

Was there, or was there not, a lady in full Welsh traditional dress in the front row?

And, does this have anything to do with Rhod Gilbert’s contract riders?

I think I must have felt that my pride as a poker player was on the line: I’ve often watched these RANK AMATEURS on the show, these actors and singers and comedians, these Michael Aspels and Louie Spences, having a random crack at truth analysis, and chuckled quietly to myself at the obvious tells they’ve missed.

Nobody could accuse me of being a big name guest, but I could surely be the best at the game?

They were just far too loud, and not very funny with it, and they wouldn’t shut up.

They reminded me of removal men, and they’re never funny. I’m sure you stole the show, you always do, and thankfully you do it in a nice relaxed way.

Comedy sketch show starring David Mitchell and Robert Webb.

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