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Take a break from normal 10-6 schedule and plan a surprise for your beloved.If you are a man, you should know how make her go “Awww”.

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Also Read: 5 Exquisite Date ideas that are so wow How to spice up your relationship#8 Dating like NEVER BEFORE: Crap the idea of watching a movie together and calling it a date.

Taking the first point in consideration, your surprise should have some worth.

"They were like, ' Of course we'll get rid of the chickens,' and we said, ' Are you crazy?

When did you say “I love you” to each other last time?

How to spice up your relationship#5 Little Separation: Too much involvement is NOT-AT-ALL advised.

Giving some space to your partner can help you a lot to strengthen your relationship.As years pass, couples start losing their interest in each other.The initial spark fades away because the new energy becomes low.If you and your partner have common friends implies good quality time together, every time you go out.Attending parties, marriages and other functions together can spark your relationship., the 42-year-old actor opens up how his relationship with Aniston, 44, has changed his life — and taste in decorating.

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