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However, Indian women don't get approached by white men of course for various reasons, so we assume white men don't like Indian women and also since white men are often seen with east Asian women.

Nonetheless, I am interested in seeking a relationship with a white man who is kind and respectful who values integrity and family values which are deeply rooted into my self being.

If any of this interests you, my email is boofjankems13 @ Google. If you're interested, i can send you some pics if you'd like.

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I have a son who is almost two who is the smartest, most amazing person in the world to me.

I love going to music festivals, canoeing, camping, playing music, and working hard for what I want or need.

I Very Much Look Forward To Hearing From You Sweetheart. After viewing your profile Today, i became interesting with you. )Respect sares lady @ com hot male I m name is Henry from Scotland friendly at growing dot mid your. ILIKE SAES WER IWONT A GRL OR A BOY GAN WE GET TO NOW YOU send my sarees pchar of your hot baby sares I yost by na gan but had to change I am 31 xxxxx 😛👗👠👡💜💙 I am 23 yrs old, east indian in ethnicity and from the Caribbean. I'm 27 (28 next month), "white" (Irish, German, Cherokee, and Blackfoot), I have long dark dreadlocks, about 160 lbs., and I'm looking for someone who can make me happy and who I make happy as well, and someone I can TRULY love and who can love me back the same.

If you are interesting in me you can contact me with my email address (Sofiazaidi61 - at - Yahoo! I am reallu interested in getting to date guys outside of my race and i like white, or latino men. Honestly ethnicity doesn't make a bit of difference to me as long as I find someone im attracted to who is a real person, interested in the same type of relationship i am looking for, and attracted to me too.

I am a modern and attractive Indain women brought up in India now living in Malasyia looking for a serious relationship/marriage with a white guy.

I find white men more attractive and open minded than indain/asian men. I alreday regsitered with few matrimonial sites but so far no success.

I am a Very Honest, Respectful man, and I understand that you may be worried about contacting me.

Please do not worry Alisha, as I Really Do Promise You That I Am Genuine. Hey pretty lady, I would love to get the chance to have a conversation with you and see where it leads.

Most of these sites are looking for easy money and i am very scared to upload my photos in these sites. Hi Alisha, I understand your concerns sweetheart, I feel exactly the same as you.

I heard lots of stories about scammers/cheaters in these sites. If you would be intereted in getting to know me, then you could e-mail me Alisha, my e-mail address is; h o t r o d r o n n i e @ uk is only a funny nickname/e-mail address that I made up for a bit of fun Alisha, it in no way reflects the kind of person that I am.

YESSS White guy are fascinated by Indian girls/woman. Seek Indian lady message me anytime wa; six one four zero fou four five nine nine one six Skype; SH i s g n @ Yahoo! male from Italy, single, young in look and spirit and i go to India often because i'm interested in meditation and spirituality.

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