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water or an inert cream) was discarded because it would have had a “soothing” effect vs. This is just a convenient excuse not to test Dynamiclear against a Placebo or a true “standard of care” comparator product.

Instead, they chose a product that was not widely used and needed to be applied 5 times a day for 7 days. IF this had been a well-done, double-blind clinical study comparing Dynamiclear to a Control Group or a Placebo – then if might have shown whether or not using Dynamiclear would be better or worse than using nothing at all.

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That’s another indication that the study was very poorly designed.

Because of the extremely flawed design and methodology of the study, the findings cannot stand up to scrutiny and do NOT prove that Dynamiclear is significantly more effective than what most people commonly use to treat oral or genital herpes.

Or they recommend products that result in affiliate income for them – and do not disclose that relationship. At the time that this warning letter was written, Global Herbal Supplies was the main worldwide marketer and distributor of Choraphor.

Unfortunately, since Global Herbal Supplies is based in Australia, not the US, it is hard for the FDA to enforce its warnings against non-US companies who make misleading or deceptive marketing claims.

Unfortunately, herpes scams are all over the web and can appear legitimate to the unsuspecting readers.

There are many dishonest people and companies who prey upon people with genital herpes and other STDs.So basically, a clinical study that has such major flaws cannot be trusted to prove much of anything.Interestingly, even though this clinical trial was done in 2006, it was not until February 2012 that an abstract of the results were published in the Journal of Drugs in Dermatology.The “clinical trials” commissioned by Global Herbal Supplies in 2006 and performed in India were extremely poorly conceived and designed, with only 149 subjects, 120 of whom completed the study; only 30% of subjects were female, and only 34% of the subjects had genital herpes.The study lasted only 14 days, did NOT include a control group, was NOT double-blind, did NOT record time of onset NOR the recurrency rate, and did NOT distinguish between primary or secondary infections.Yes, the product uses a single application – but that doesn’t mean it works.

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