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Anxiety and self-hatred exacerbate each other so that it seems that we’re stuck in this awful place forever.

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As someone who has been using the written word as therapy ever since I learned how to form a sentence, this tool immediately resonated deep within my bones, and it’s been a crucial guidepost in recovery.

This goodbye letter to my eating disorder was a break-up of sorts, a severing of the relationship, an epilogue to the abuse and toxicity.

We blame ourselves for this, and we chastise ourselves for that.

We ruminate about the past and beat ourselves up with worry.

One doesn’t develop a physical tolerance to a coping skill, but sometimes changes in life or treatment can cause a bipolar coping skill to stop working.

Here’s how to handle it when you rely on a bipolar coping skill that just stops working.

Whether your difficulty lies in being on time for work, being on time for school, or just being on time for a lunch with a friend, it can often feel like you’re just someone who can’t be punctual.

Being late can even affect your experience of life by increasing your feelings of stress in traffic (potentially creating road rage) or your meetings even after you arrive.

I should have left upon this discovery, but I was far too enmeshed to escape.

Besides, my narcissist boyfriend promised to change and I thought forgiving him was the high road.

Nor did I know he was a narcissist and already priming another woman to replace me.

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