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A number of studies have looked exclusively at adolescent's internalizing, externalizing, and PTSD symptoms, with a range of findings.

In a child welfare population, psychological maltreatment, as opposed to experiencing or witnessing physical or sexual assault, had the most profound effect on youth's internalizing and externalizing behaviors; witnessing family violence had a modest effect only for boys.

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However, the knowledge base on IPV has been generated by investigators in a diverse range of fields, such as psychology, sociology, anthropology, criminal justice, family studies, feminist studies, and the health sciences.

Findings from these fields will be drawn upon as needed to describe the prevalence of IPV, its distribution across major racial/ethnic and economic groups, and the neighborhood and societal factors that promote or protect against its occurrence.

Many adolescents fall victim to sexual violence from dating partners or acquaintances.

Data from national samples of high school students find high rates of sexual coercion and/or violence: 10% have experienced ).

The chapter will conclude with some of the challenges that will need to be addressed to further social epidemiologic IPV research.

Adolescence is marked by profound changes in biological, psychological, and social functioning.Exposed youth were also more likely to approve of and use violence toward dating partners, but all findings were modest and moderated by gender.The impact of witnessing violence was significant only for males and had no impact on the well-being or behavior of females.The remaining third were hospitalized for homicidal ideation, combined suicidal and homicidal ideation, and assaultive behavior.Prior to hospitalization, 12 of the 65 participants lived in a residential treatment facility.Current estimates in the United States suggest that approximately 50% of sexual assault cases involving adolescents and young adults involve alcohol consumption ( reported on alcohol use, IPV, and sexual coercion and HIV among 3,422 Ugandan women in adolescence and early young adulthood.

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