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John's College, Annapolis as the University's undergraduate campus.

In the same year, the graduate school on the College Park campus awarded its first Ph D degrees and the University's enrollment reached 500 students.

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The history of the University of Maryland, College Park began in 1856, when the Maryland Agricultural College was chartered.

The state took complete control of the school in 1916, and consequently the institution was renamed Maryland State College.

On November 28, 1912, around pm, a fire, probably due to faulty electric wiring, broke out in the attic of the newest administration building, where a Thanksgiving dance was being held.

The approximately 80 students on the premises evacuated themselves safely, and then formed a makeshift bucket brigade.

The intersection of the lines on the compass are known as "The Point of Failure".

A well-known legend holds that any student who walks upon the "point of failure" will not graduate from the University of Maryland in four years.

Baseball, however, had been played at the college for decades before the first "official" games were recorded.

The first fraternity chapter at Maryland, the Eta chapter of Phi Sigma Kappa, was established in 1897, and Morrill Hall (the oldest instructional building still in use on campus) was built the following year.

On October 5, 1859, the first 34 students entered the Maryland Agricultural College, including four of Charles Calvert's sons, George, Charles, William, and Eugene.

The keynote speaker on opening day was Joseph Henry, the first Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution.

The fire departments summoned from nearby Hyattsville and Washington, D. Fanned by a strong southwest wind, the fire destroyed the barracks where the students were housed, all the school's records, and most of the academic buildings, leaving only Morrill Hall untouched. The devastation was so great that many never expected the university to reopen. All but two returned to the university after the break and insisted on classes continuing as usual.

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