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You may want to develop “boundary” skills when you no longer wish to continue seeing someone.

You may want to learn how to graciously describe what kind of relationship you do want to pursue with someone — if any.

WHAT TO KEEP IN MIND, EITHER WAY: Communicate as clearly as possible upfront. Nothing’s set in stone; there is a continuum of dating approaches.

Someone says you need to act cocky, while another says you need to act coy. [Read: 14 signs you’re ruining your first date and don’t even know it!

CAMP 2: “STREAMLINED DATING” This theory advises a more bull’s eye approach — your time and energy are precious, and so is your match’s.

As soon as you get introduced, look for signs that may indicate deal breakers or dealmakers.

If you find a definite deal breaker, by all means, “close the match” (or do the equivalent, if you meet them “in real life”).

The premise is that the more unnecessarily involved you become, the more potential arises for getting or causing hurt.

Are you a “practice makes perfect” kind of person or a “streamline” dater? Approaches to dating and dating advice can be divided into two main camps: the “practice makes perfect” person or the “streamline dater.” Let’s explore both styles of romance-seeking and what the benefits and pitfalls are of both strategies. • If you are recently single, divorced, or widowed, this may help you move forward without jumping into a new commitment right away.

CAMP 1: “PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT” This approach involves meeting, “hanging out with,” and dating as many people as possible — never mind whether or not you think they are much of a prospect. Give everyone a second chance — whether or not you have that instant click or chemistry. • If you believe that going out for coffee implies an immediate interest in marrying someone, this might help you shift the focus to getting to know the person rather than getting them to the altar.

You can close the communication once it’s clear that the person isn’t right for you.

If you do prefer skipping to e Harmony mail, you may want to broach some topics that could reveal deal breakers.

It’s not written specifically for you, keeping your life in mind.

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