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In this blog post, I offer some basic background on issues affecting teenage boys on the autism spectrum pertaining to their relationships with girls, and then I provide some social skills teaching materials for mental health professionals, teachers and speech-language pathologists to use in their work.

Children on the autism spectrum have challenges with “theory of mind,” that is, understanding what other people might be thinking.

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Raging hormones are part and parcel of being a teenager. Self regulation is an important life skill not practiced by teenagers. Teenagers are never hungry at the same time as the rest of the family. My son Alex has autism and developmental delay and I have realized that with the innocence of autism(cannot stay home alone ect) he still wants his "freedom" so in the malls I stand away but within eyeshot when Alex wants me to "stand over there mom" its hard on parents to remember, even though our children have autism they still will go through alot of what so called typical teenagers do, like for instance talking back, Alex doesnt but says no now alot but in the place of the "teenage attitudes" I get alot of "no mom" to EVERYTHING lol and the hormone/moods come out in his behavior and I have to remember wow my baby is a teenager now! He loves to always smell and look nice, checking himself in the mirror:) I must confess I get sad sometimes because I look at my handsome son when I get college brochures and cards from Car insurance companies sometimes or military cards...

As well, I will be offering a series of webinars on the topic in upcoming months on my new website. Meanwhile, till I write more here next week, make sure to take care of your self and indulge in some form of healthy and legal stress-releasing activity.

Also included are special notes to define the more illusive vocabulary and concepts of today's dating worl world."--Provided by publisher.

Lately, I have been receiving an abundance of emails from parents about their children with autism who are now entering the teen years. Having a teenager on the spectrum and one that is neurotypical provides a parent with great perspective on what is normal teenage behavior, and what is due to autism. My son needs a support person for motor and communication reasons and when his communication support partner was sick he had the choice of not going to a school event for the college newspaper he writes for, or having me be his support person. When the time came to introduce himself at the dinner table, he spelled out "My name is Jeremy and I wish my mom wasn't with me." Such a normal thing to say. hi everyone I just wanted to introduce personally like a complete new person of nanostudio.

When tweens with autism go through puberty, they have the same hormonal activity taking place as the neurotypical teens do. It is important to explain to the child what is going on, the changes of puberty even if you are not sure how much he understands.

Thus, they can become even more non-communicative, moody and unpredictable- only they don't have the same outlets as neurotypicals in which to express their teenage-hood.... I have explained simple ways of doing that and what to explain in various articles and in my book Adolescence on the Autism Spectrum.Also included are special notes to define the more illusive vocabulary and concepts of today's dating worl world."--Provided by publisher."Dating is difficult for everyone.For a teen with Asperger Syndrome, it can be overwhelming. Next week I'll post some tips here to help you and your teen to survive and hopefully grow in a positive way. Although autism and adolescence together can form a turbulent mix, with some strategies in place, the teen years can become a time of positive growth.Best wishes to you and your family, you are doing right by looking into how to help this youngster; this will also help the whole family.

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