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My aunt and her ex made an arrangement that he wouldn't pay any child support while they were gone, but that he would use the money to pay for her to come home over her summer break for a month.

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In that case, she might actually have a leg to stand on.

Also, it sounded like you were going to Europe or somewhere much more difficult to get there.

My ex now pays about $500 less, per month, than she's supposed to, but she hasn't stirred up trouble for a couple of years so I just leave it be........it's much easier on the kids.

I think that we have to be careful when saying that moving a child away from one of its natural parents isn't fair, or good for the child.

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'"I know his friends give him a lot of s*** about it."Those who disliked the article saw a double standard between the way a father's success and a mother's success was celebrated."Im just real tired of what is basic good behaviour being put on a pedestal when a guy does it (& when a girl has little choice to not do so)" tweeted @Madicattt.

That double standard may be in part due to overwhelmingly low expectations society holds for teen fathers.

Sorry, but there are too many great dads out there with no access to their kids. My son when 12 was living with his dad, and wanted to live with me once again. As for lawyers as I too worked and have a legal admin degree. Just because one may know a few more tricks than the other. The Courts are supposed to be all about the children though.

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