Inter racial chat rooms for adults - Dating straight guys

And while the gay dating world is fraught with its own problems, the truth is, straight guys could learn a thing or two by observing how things are done ~ ~ (OK, we don't actually say it like that.)Grindr has really changed things for my generation (if you’re unfamiliar, Grindr is basically gay Tinder).

The culture of Grindr is one of directness -- guys state exactly what they want, whether it’s serious dating, a casual fling, or a one-time anonymous hookup.

A big piece of advice for straight guys: Forget when John Cusack shows up to his love interest’s house unannounced and stands under her window with a giant boom box blaring Peter Gabriel?

That’s all fine and good in Hollywood, but replicate that in real life and you’ll probably get a restraining order. You’re not going to save the day, get the girl, and wrap everything up in a nice little bow in an hour and 45 minutes.

Conversely, it’s totally fine if you’re not looking for anything too serious -- as long as you let her know from the get-go.

This requires you to do that big dark scary thing where you think about how you feel -- and then articulate those feelings to another human person.

Straight guys could benefit from adopting a similar mentality.

Contrary to what you see in the movies, persistence isn’t charming.

Also, guaranteed the sex will be better if you get your mind out of your dick and start paying attention to her verbal and physical responses in bed.

You’re not God’s gift to women -- and she will teach you a thing or two about being a great lover, if you only let her.

This is an important skill for straight people to develop too.

Whether you run into your own ex or the ex of a partner, be cool about it.

When a woman turns you down, she doesn’t mean “try harder.” She means “get the hell away from me.” It’s not fair or considerate to keep bugging her about it, and why expend all that extra energy when there’s other worthwhile women out there who would be willing to give you a shot?

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