Dating someone who is paralyzed Free localsax cam

Woman A: Fatigue and GI issues are a large part of my disease, so it's difficult for me to have spontaneous sex and that can be a downer.

My sex drive has been consistently low as my disease has progressed.

As my pain worsened and I have become more limited, this isn't an option anymore. I am unable to do a lot of everyday things because of my pain, which I have a tendency to blame on my body.

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So I don't really get a lot of response on that front.

Woman B: I've only had positive sexual experiences, but I'm pretty choosy about who I get naked with. Sometimes I do wonder how my relationships would have been different had I been walking.

Fatigue, pain, and spasms are my big problem, but I really try not to let it get in the way of anything I want to do. I have a high sex drive so I like to do it with my boyfriend as often as my body allows!

How, if at all, has your disability affected the way you have sex?

Like every other woman, I feel desire and arousal; my responses are the same.

I guess they depend largely on what my partner and I are doing at the time!

Woman E: I've got a love/hate relationship with my body. In my head, I can still do the things I used to "pre-MS" but my body just goes, nah, we're not doing that!

How, if at all, does your disability affect your sex drive?

It can be frustrating that everyone just sees you as a friend and it can feel like no one has considered finding you attractive.

I think there is also an assumption that if you date someone with a disability, you will become their carer.

Honestly guys, I'm simply paralyzed, I didn't have my vagina sewn shut!

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