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The Randle Reef sediment remediation project involves constructing an engineered containment facility (EFC) around and on top of a portion of the most contaminated sediment in the Harbour, then dredging (scooping out) and placing the remaining contaminated sediment surrounding the structure, inside.The facility will be made of double steel sheet pile walls to provide structure and to prevent toxins from leaching out into the Harbour.We go to extra lengths to ensure that our service stays clean and safe and take all reports of misuse very seriously.

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Environment Canada, the Ontario Ministry of the Environment, the City of Hamilton, the Hamilton Port Authority, U. Steel Canada, the City of Burlington, and the Regional Municipality of Halton are all working together on the Randle Reef sediment remediation project.

The Government of Canada: $46.3 million The Province of Ontario: $46.3 million The City of Hamilton: $14 million U. Steel Canada: $14 million Hamilton Port Authority: $14 million The City of Burlington: $2.3 million Halton Region: $2 million Work is expected to begin in 2015 with the re-construction of an adjacent pier which is necessary to permit dredging of the contaminated sediments in this area.

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Between 2020-2022, an environmental cap will be placed on the ECF to isolate the contaminants and provide port use.

Assuming all other categories required to delist the Harbour as an Area of concern have been achieved, remediation of Randle Reef will be the last major project required to fully restore Hamilton Harbour and remove it from the list of Great Lakes Areas of Concern.

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