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The pay is not very good for management positions or middle management positions.There is no overtime provided even though we work upward to 60 hrs a week (sometimes longer).The pay isn't terrible but you'll never feel like you are compensated for all that you do. DCS has really good benefits, discount opportunities, and opportunities for advancement. You are never alone in making your decisions or staffing cases.

One of the things you learn when you become a Louisvillian, apart from how to say "Louisvillian" correctly, is that dating here is just different than the rest of the country.

So in case you're a newbie to The 'Ville's courtship scene, here's what you'll need to contend with...

While the pay is good, there is a lack of opportunity for advancement at times and the turnover rate is high, which adds more stress. Between -12pm clients, medical professional and colleagues are calling and emailing you about any and everything related to the families etc.

Then after 12pm you are prepping to go out into the field to go to homes and initiate reports received.

If you want an opportunity to help families and the community it is definitely worth doing.

However, if you believe that you will be rescuing children daily that is not true. Lots of holidays, sick time, vacation time and personal days.

If your date has never celebrated Derby Week as though it was the most important week in human history, or never worked at Humana, what can you possibly find to talk about?

And how are they going to understand Yes, in other, more tech-savvy cities, your i Phone can ensure future generations of your family are produced.

Every day someone on your team is up for one hours - i.e.

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