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There are also rumors of cash awards being handed out for those who report suspicious couples who turn out to be unmarried. Because of this, many locals get married so that they may live a more “normal” life. If you’re adamant, you can always get around the no-dating rule.

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That doesn’t mean people don’t date, but you cannot meet publicly or be seen together.

The religious police (see point #2) have every right to stop you and ask for your marriage license. You go straight to jail—unless you’re a good smooth-talker.

If you’re a person who likes lounging around coffee shops or malls, be aware that prayer times will cause shop closures. Since I practically live at Starbucks, they don’t mind that I stay inside during prayer time. And be patient, because you’ll find out there’s no rhyme or reason to how things get done.

I just need to remain away from the windows and out of sight. ” “Inshallah.” “Is that an Inshallah yes, or an Inshallah no? Whenever you hear this term, try to drill down a more precise answer. It’s all in the hands of God, Directly related to the point #4, customer service in general is abysmal. Accept it as a cultural norm–think of it as a Middle Eastern Indiana Jones experience, and always pad your expectations.

And remember always, most people come for the money. Just be prepared to accept a different way of life.

Saudi Arabia, the Middle East’s largest state and the fifth-largest country in Asia, is home to an estimated 10 million expats…100,000 of which are from the Western world.

During this time, shops are required to close and sales to stop. An expat living in Saudi Arabia needs to understand and accept this cultural difference.

Being that I write a lot in Starbucks, I have to constantly look at my watch to see when the coffee shop will close. I can only sit in a coffee shop for 2 hour intervals, usually. Now this doesn’t mean some places don’t violate the law and stay open during prayer times (some gyms just turn their lights off, shut their doors, and leave their members inside), but those aren’t common.

However, some of the emails asked me for a more “realistic” picture.

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