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Whilst extra days can take the time served in prison over the halfway point of the sentence it can never exceed the original sentence expiry date.However, if a prisoner commits a further imprisonable offence whilst in prison, they can reasonably expect to serve a further sentence either consecutively or concurrently to the one they are already serving.

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Adjudications are carried out by either prison governors or independent adjudicators.

Independent adjudicators have the power to impose up to 42 extra days in prison for each finding of guilt.

A prisoner can be released on a Home Detention Curfew up to 135 days prior to the half way point of their sentence (depending on the length of sentence).

Only prisoners serving sentences of between 3 months and four years are eligible for HDC and certain offences are automatically ruled out.

This includes the length of sentence and the date of the offence.

Other factors that can have an impact on when a prisoner will be released are outlined below.

The Early Removal Scheme (ERS) allows eligible prisoners, who are liable to be removed from the UK at the end of their custodial term, to be removed up to 135 days before their release date, depending on the length of their sentence.

Under the scheme prisoners must serve a minimum of 30 days, or one quarter of their sentence, before becoming eligible to be removed.

For more information on Home Detention Curfews, please click here.

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