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Dimensions: 10.8 cm x 14.2 cm; standard sized postcard. Learn More Gold Confetti Casual and Romantic Save the Date Create your own holiday-worthy postcard!

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Aged Vintage Save The Date Postcard Create your own holiday-worthy postcard!

Any view you’ve seen, any monument you’ve fallen in love with, can all be added to your postcard with our personalization tool.

Many local authorities and record offices are loading their collections online.

On the back of a Victorian photo at the bottom, there may be some tiny printed writing relating to the Marion company.

The Tintype or Ferrotype process which appeared from the 1870s to the 1940s was a cheaper alternative to Ambrotypes.

Carte de visite photographs were introduced in the 1850s and became an affordable and popular option especially for the middle classes and over time with the working classes lasting in some cases up to 1919.

They measured about 4 x 2½ inches and were mounted on thin trade cards measuring about 4 ½ x 6 ½ inches.

The photographer's name and address usually appeared on the reverse.

Deltiology, the hobby of collecting vintage postcards, is one of the fastest-growing collectibles hobbies.

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