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In 1996, Peggy Sanday, an emeritus professor of anthropology at the University of Pennsylvania, found that sexual assaults are more prevalent in some societies than others; tribal societies that emphasize interpersonal violence, male dominance, and sexual separation are more likely to rape. While baseball is not typically lumped in with more physical sports such as football, hockey, or basketball, the clubhouse is still extremely male dominated.And when a man has the unquestioned support of an entire community, like many athletes in Pittsburgh do, it’s easy for that man to act without considering the consequences. The World Economic Forum ranks South Korea 117 out of 142 countries for gender equality, worst among developed nations.

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11/05/2016 The Buckeyes welcome the Cornhuskers to Ohio Stadium for a Top-10 Showdown.

10/01/2016 Scenes from the Buckeyes' Big Ten opener against the Scarlet Knights.

The court of public opinion should not give Kang the benefit of the doubt just because he is an athlete.

We, as a society, should not assume a woman is lying just because she accused a person who happens to have a lot of money.

While there are far fewer violent crimes in South Korea than there are in America, nearly 90 percent of the victims who reported violent crimes were women.

The South Korean police and court system are largely incompetent when handling these situations, quick to deflect blame from offenders toward victims and willing to bend over backwards to acquit men of violence charges.But while it’s irresponsible to jump to the conclusion that Kang is guilty, it’s also important to remember that [EDIT: ] the burden of proof lies on his shoulders rather than on the victim’s.For some reason, the public tends to twist logic to make excuses whenever athletes screw up.The FBI Uniform Crime Report in 1996 and the United States Department of Justice in 1997 stated that only eight percent of rape accusations in the United States were regarded as false. The court of public opinion doesn’t work like that and it is dangerous to immediately assume that the victim is a liar.So while that situation isn’t impossible, it should be far from the first conclusion one jumps to when forming an opinion on a subject such as this. When a woman steps forward, especially to accuse a rich, famous person of rape, it takes a lot of guts and she deserves respect rather than ridicule.The details of this case will roll out over time, but for the moment it is important to realize that a victim-blaming rape culture exists and will continue to permeate until we acknowledge that it’s a problem.

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