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After noticing many folks over 65 in the bar on Friday night, we wondered if the crowd would be mostly retirees! We estimated the attendance was about 300 spread out between two medium-sized meeting rooms and the larger vendor room.At first, it seemed like the conference was run by a ghost as there were no hosts for sessions, and no programs or directions – it was very basic organization and speakers were on their own.

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I took notes as each speaker described the accounts they collected and volunteered their own conclusions about what was going on to explain these bizarre reports.

On the evening after the first day of talks, Jeb, Blake and I recorded a discussion of the themes we noticed and reflected on the qualifications and lines of reasoning evident from some prominent cryptid researchers today.

The registration desk was staffed by two girls and a guy who all wore light-up devil horns.

This fashion choice was appropriate for the vibe of the conference – edgy tinged with sci-fi fantasy and horror. With only one deliberately science-based talk (Blake’s on “Science and Monsters”), “Capital S” Skeptics would have had a hard time swallowing the content.

"I was shocked and a bit confused as to what was happening.

I had read multiple accounts on this subject where the 'victim' is unable to move." Was this entity some kind of demon or another spirit? Jessica tells a very scary story of using an Ouija board and then being visited by an entity, an incubus, that attempted intimacy.

Explore these true stories from people who have encountered entities they believe are demonic.

While scary movies and books can be entertaining, it's terrifying when you might encounter a demon in the night.

I drove 8.5 hours for two days and two nights of listening to those who believe cryptids exist and seeing how these mysterious monsters are represented in our popular culture. The three of us wanted to see firsthand the current state of cryptozoology. It may be a question of biology and ecology, folklore and myth, sociology and cultural influences, or human psychology and behaviors.

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