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While she loves her niece and nephew more than anything, Kobzeff never planned to have children of her own and admits that becoming a mom overnight has her feeling like she’s constantly navigating unchartered waters. I didn’t have nine months to read What to Expect When You’re Expecting, nor did I ever take any parenting classes,” she says.For now, there’s a small light at the end of her long and twisted tunnel.

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It’s also a two-way street – both parties have to want to keep the relationship alive and both have to decide not to take sides.

Judy had been married for twenty-eight years – plenty long enough to forge relationships with her ex’s family.

Her own lifestyle, however, has shifted tremendously, and that change has been difficult for her to accept. “I’ve given up everything—I have no time to date and I’ve gained a ton of weight since last November.

With all of this drama, why would anyone even want to be romantically involved with me,” Kobzeff remarks.

It’s a whole lot easier to know what to say to someone ending their marriage when you’ve been through divorce yourself or when someone else takes the lead. It’s up to you to reach out to them and show them that you still value their friendship.

It’s also up to you to set the tone for the relationship … Until a couple of years ago, 38-year old Cara Kobzeff was an affluent jetsetter.As a travel agent in Los Angeles, she traveled to exotic destinations like Brazil, Italy and Tahiti—flying first class, staying in 5-star hotels, dining at Michelin-starred restaurants.When she wasn’t working, she was hanging out with girlfriends, dating and making plans on a whim.That all changed last fall when Kobzeff began fighting for custody of her five-year-old niece Ana and her four-year-old nephew Eli.just as first dates don’t want to hear about what was wrong with your marriage, your ex’s family doesn’t want to hear about all the bad things your ex’s has done.

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