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The Carline Centre has since expanded into an education center for boys and girls ages 13-18 and now includes a variety of programs including woodworking, gardening, and psychological/emotional support.The students are even involved in producing the food out of Carline's gardens for their own meals!

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If you would rather donate offline or have any questions, you can email me at [email protected] All my love, Jess Cadorette A little bit more background: The Carline Learning Centre was first started by the Sisters of St.

Francis in attempt to redirect underprivileged youth: many teens had an interest in "joy-riding" and breaking into cars, so the Sisters began a mechanics school so that the teens could instead make a livelihood from this interest in automobiles.

Hi, as most of you know I am Jess Cadorette, and I have created this account to help fund my alternative spring break service trip.

I'm happy and very excited to announce that I was chosen to travel to Dublin, Ireland with Neumann University's campus ministry team to help out a non-traditional occupational school called The Carline Learning Centre.

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