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I've searched unsuccessfully for a social group on the island so I'm taking the plunge myself in the hope of bringing together a friendly, diverse, informal collection of people who are also looking to revamp their social life.

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The Roman Officer, Vespasian, came to the Island in the 2nd.

Century and it is known that there were ‘secret christians’ in his Army.

On the pieces themselves the mark can be difficult to see because of the combination of black lettering on a dark blue background. More pictures are available on pages 137 and 138 of Mark Hill's book [1].

For signatures of other glass makers who worked at IOWSG please refer to the page for the Glassblower's Shelf. Later signatures, it is believed, never abbreviate the first name.

Broken pontil marks were left when the pontil rod was broken off and left unfinished.

These are characteristic of very early experimental pieces made in 1972 and early ranges made up to mid-1973.

Everyone is welcome, no matter if you are new to the island or are already established here.

I would like the group to focus on friendships rather than dating, so couples and friends are equally invited.

It is probably later than the label without 'England' since it has 'HAND MADE' as two words. The IOWSG logo was incorporated into the design of (some? It is known in a perfume bottle dated 1989 (image on the left), one of the earliest pieces of graal produced, and a bowl dated 1990 (image on the right courtesy of Sue Burt).

The Peacock Feathers design for Liberty of London was produced between 1987 to the early 1990s.

Signatures engraved on the item sometimes have a specific year indicated.

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