Dating hypothyriod

Job loss and career dissatisfaction are powerful triggers for brain health issues.

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I was put in a mental health ward because I went days without sleeping, felt so tired I couldn’t function and found myself delusional and couldn’t stop the words running through my head.

I was diagnosed bipolar and drugged up with medication.

I saw the line of bipolar patients waiting every morning in the psych ward for electric shock therapy.

The only thing that saved me from electric shock was my mother yelling NO.

For multiple research teams to find similar findings, the findings deserve serious attention.

This is the case with hypothyroidism and mental disorders.

During my graduate studies, I was team leader for a prestigious professor’s research team.

As a team we spent months of research to prepare just one research paper.

Finally after 4 years of bipolar medications to the max, a close family member was diagnosed with hypothyroidism so my doctor tested me too. Every single time I attend a bipolar support group I ask everyone if they are hypothyroid and every time half the people raise their hand and the other half have no clue what it is and they don’t know if they have been tested. Why I feel guilty for having missed this critical piece to the mental health puzzle in my career.

During my undergraduate science degree in Toronto Canada in the early 1990s, I was fortunate to take a course with a professor who was passionate about neurobiology. I graduated with my Honors Bachelor of Science in Neuroscience.

My year at this school opened my eyes to a world I didn’t know existed. We discussed the issues of race, gang violence and an educational system that is failing these children.

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