Dating hooters girl

Well, actually a lot of the girls buy fake engagement rings.

We'll always have to do group photos and that's OK. Our pouches go around our hips, and we tie them like a belt.

If they start to become heavy, we have to take out whatever makes it heavy. And the shorts, you have to see what we call the smile under the shorts.

The standard uniform of a Hooters Girl involves a pair of tiny orange shorts and a low-cut tank top, a look which encourages the Hooters Girl to trade on her sex appeal more so than her fully-clad counterparts in other large, sit-down chain restaurants.

This week, a pair of small studies about women who work in restaurants like Hooters made the rounds in the media.

It's a lot more than pretty faces and what society thinks of Hooters. I have friends who would question why I started working there and then two years after, they started working at a different one. No, he never gets jealous, because he knows I have a very outgoing personality.

But he comes in every once in a while to see what's going on. If guys try to flirt with me, I'm very good at shooting them down.

We call the shorts chicken wings so that when you turn around, there's some extra space in your shorts and they're not skintight.

But if you watch any movie or anything that has Hooters in it, they're not wearing the uniform right usually. I live in a college town so a lot of the girls who work there go to school. If they ever caught me feeling bad about how I look, they would be so mad about that because we're all so great toward each other.

It was never unclear to me what my role was going to be or what was expected of me when I was working there.

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