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One other extremely helpful tip is to make your faith known almost right off the bat.

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Whoever your soulmate will be can’t help that he isn’t your soulmate yet.

If you’ve searched and searched and have wound up empty, maybe you should redirect your focus to serving God, and let the relationship come whenever it’s meant to.

This way, you can find out what he believes, and if your values don’t match up, you can know for sure that he isn’t ‘the one.’ Change is hard, lets face it.

The most difficult part about all of this is that some change will be inevitable if things are to get better in your relationship or marriage.

–Lamentations Our world is filled with women who leave it up to the men to make the first move, and unfortunately, many women in the church do the same.

Our society constantly preaches that instead of going out and finding love, women should wait to be found, as if the only good men are the ones who will break their backs to do the finding.

If you’ve reached this point already, something definitely needs to be done, that is for sure.

The first thing you can do is to be honest with yourself and write down all of the things that are making you feel this way.

Some things you list might seem trivial at a second look, others you might find are actually unjust and fixable, and some you may feel even more upset about.

The point is, it will help you get ‘everything out’ and help you take steps to start evaluating your feelings and your relationship.

While there isn’t some magical secret to attracting the ‘right guys’, there are a few tips you can use to weed out the bad ones. Clearly, your chances of finding a respectable Christian man in a bar or casino are very slim.

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