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Without Bessie’s voluminous correspondence to and from her Antigua High St.

location there might be nothing like this still to be found (an odd mild fox spot noticed)Ernest Panton Cover (name erased) 25 JA 32 to St Lucia underfranked with ½d cancelled Valley cds nicely twice, St.

Clean, pleasantly coloured, rare A venerable, entirely reputable 1978 BPA cert. Let’s say Only a few wrecks among 50 presumed mainly CA wmk used 1d. reversed or something, and the shades vary, so that again you can give colour and appeal to an album page There are 58 used QV 6d on this lge s/card and 29 face the wall apparently to show wmk. We’d write off about 8 for deplorable condition, but seller draws attention to a mildly thinned N of PENCE on one stamp, and to the re-entry which affects the UA of ANTIGUA on another.

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Resealed with plain manila strip overstruck with type CH2A PC90 label Opened by Examiner BB/2 brings on censor no.2 again for a 2½d Leeward franking a Bessie Harper cover from S. After close consideration we conclude that its Leeward 1½d with part Plymouth, Montserrat cds is original, though the tie is very faint.

The cover is to Bessie Harper, rather roughly opened and handled, as were many of her hoard. C.90 Examiner label unembellished, except by its St.

You could probably pop round the corner shop and buy more cheaply than our estimate, but do you still have a corner shop?

This album page demonstrates with a miniature sheet at a 1979 face cost of $4.10 that Anguilla boasts six outer islands including Sombrero, captured bloodlessly form the Virgins at some date unknown to us.

The six landscapes destroy any confidence in the power of the Orinoco River to create a landscape to stand up to a hurricane hit Your album page may just about accommodate this MAP OF ANTIGUA, said to be dated 1746, produced in Paris and annotated in French basic enough for anyone to understand.

Indeed, you’ll be more at home than the French when you meet Falmouth, Willoughby, Codrington, and Baye Nonsuch, even if St Jean and St Pierre need translating. Stamp is centred NE which will sometimes enhance – as here – because a smidgen of the stamp below is captured and white mgns. £800There’s not a lot to recommend the used 1d values in this lot (16 star wmk, 3 CC) because we’d write off about 8 for condition, and there’s only one rather reticent A18, so cat. Still you’ve got shades to play with, wmks to examine, and you could probably make a page look attractive.A bit of regn crayon keeps pmk company on 3d (we take this in our stride, some out there don’t), a red line on the 6d and 2/- has an indeterminate pmk, which is of greater significance – we can’t criticise the rest Badge CC ½d with full All Saints cds 1904, 1d with most of PAQUEBOT NY 2D Div., 2½d, normally used at St John’s (what’s it doing here?) MCA 1d emphatically cancelled at Canterbury (home of TALES) to make up for despatcher’s weak wrist and 2½d awarded a 1937 date and style pmk for long service Badge 3d CC flaunting centrally at 11 o’clock a full “SOLENT” h/stamp in black, the letters are spread wide from years of use, even though the vast majority are buried at sea. from £550 but our instructions are to estimate very modestly. to Toronto 1904 (part flap torn off and discarded, but it’s scarce); then regd covers 1929 to NY, 1936 to London’s Fleet St, each paying 4½d, the first by Leeward 1½d horiz. gutter mgn, the other using domestic 1½d, 3d – all three were commercial from St.Though the AN code may be wilting a trifle from wear, this is an admirable complete cds of AU 25 20 on Leeward 1d scarlet. on same page holding tercentenary 6d, 1/- and a purposeless 2/6 alongside each with its own Valley cancel of JA 17 51?Anguilla Valley cds on script 1d rose-carmine (1925) and Leeward 1d bright scarlet (1928) – reasonable examples and v.As a final act, and with such precision as he could achieve, used his canceller to try and obliterate the Official cds. OHMS cover JY 18 27 to Hawkesbury, Ontario, using 1d and 6d stamps.

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