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You like a woman, she likes you too but "differently." She wants to be friends with you. Sitting always next to her and waiting for the grass to grow is not the best way. You just waste your time, behaving like her pet or just a thing.If she sees that you date other girls and have fun, she will begin to be interested in you.

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Everyone wants her, and everyone wants to be with her. Most guys begin to pay standard compliments because they think that women want to hear them. Spend more time to learn her better: her thoughts, ideas, even political views. Try to do your best not to get in it from the very beginning of your relationship.

You need to separate yourself somehow from the crowd. Show that you treat her like a person, and not as a beautiful accessory, and she will start thinking about the prospect of the relationship sooner than you plan. So, be natural in order not to reflect too much on, “How do I escape the friend zone? You are not her favorite pet, and you shouldn't be always with her when she wants.

Just make sure that none of your friends likes this girl too much because sometimes even close friends make awful things.

When you bring a girlfriend to a relationship gradually, she begins to see your positive sides as her boyfriend.

You should make her feel special in the role of your girlfriend. Usually, a man is a leader in the relationship, and it is he who takes responsibility for his woman.

A couple doesn’t share a bill, especially if their relationship just starts to flourish.

If you are her friend, then it's much easier for you to transform into her boyfriend avoiding the friend zone.

Be sincere, honest and do not give up when you face the first challenge. If you fall in love with a popular girl, she certainly has a lot of options.

However, it’s high time to wonder where is she now?

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