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And what if happy people felt like they had more control over the light because they are used to taking control of their lives?

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When you decide to let them know you will be there for them, regardless of their fears of judgment or of wasting your time, they can feel less alone and feel less social pressure.

You don’t even have to necessarily say anything to them while you're with them. " Depressed people may not necessarily be in a state of mind to know or say what will help them, but just hearing someone's willingness and openness can help lift their spirits.

It leads to feeling misunderstood and out of sync with everyone else.

Depressed individuals often mentally beat themselves up.

I mean, it could be argued that depression makes people give up, in a sense, on things in life that are important to them like their goals and dreams.

Maybe they are less likely to take action and go after what they want, leaving them tangibly unfulfilled and forcing them back into a cycle of depression.Feel free to reach out to mental-health resources online or telephone hotlines as needed; to people you know who are mental-health providers; or look up NAMI.Help people make appointments with therapists and/or help them consider adjunct medication carefully.OK, before we all freak out about the findings that depressed people see the world more realistically, let’s just remember that depressive realism is just a hypothesis and it doesn’t mean that life sucks.Maybe depressed people thought they didn’t have much control over that light BECAUSE they were depressed.It will help reduce ongoing feelings of stigma, loneliness, and social punishment, allowing people to see the potential for recovery.

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