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Of course, this is not lasting love, but it may at least offer some release.

Ultimately, the belief that disabled people aren’t sexy leaves many feeling lonely.

As a reporter for Channel 4 during the Paralympic Games last summer, I was able to mingle with the athletes’ families, and can confirm that they are all very normal, in love and – guessing by the number of children running around – sexually active.

I have no feeling in or control of my penis but I am still able to please a woman, so I do still enjoy sex, just in a different way.

I found my own way.’Harry, a 27-year-old student, lost the use of his legs after an operation to remove a spinal tumour ten years ago. ‘It becomes about working together and reinventing what sex is,’ he says.

Tom and I hit it off and enjoyed a good flirt but nothing happened.

Later, he admitted to me that despite thinking I was ‘gorgeous’, he had assumed that I was unable to have relationships, or have children.

These sensations are undoubtedly different compared with before my accident.

But while the damage to my spinal cord has affected large parts of my body, it is clear there are other nerve pathways working.After the accident, no one talked to me about sex – various doctors, surgeons, physiotherapists and psychotherapists were busy saving my life, getting me mobile and helping me come to terms with the fact I would now need help or have to relearn everyday tasks from washing myself and dressing to going to the bathroom.The Spinal Injuries Association (uk) has a downloadable factsheet on sex.While writing this article, I was saddened to find out just how many people – including some of my very close friends – remain blinkered to the idea that disabled people want, need and have sex.The importance of intimacy cannot be underestimated.From around the centre of my ribs and upward, though, I have complete mobility. Sex and disability does come up for discussion from time to time.

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