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It would make for such a wonderful impression on their Aunt and cousin.She asked her daughters to take over the kitchen so that she might go and wake their guests and sent Aaron out to call his Dad for breakfast.They lived in a small town so, naturally the rumors would fly.

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Belinda and Betsy were still sound asleep, not accustomed to the early rising of ranch life.

"City folk" Janet's husband, Mike, would call them although, never in their presence.

Aaron was beaming and clearly in a better than average good mood for a Saturday morning.

His sisters, Alice and April, were getting in more than usual share of barbs as it took little imagination to guess the reason for Aaron's all to happy face.

The sun was up and Janet Coolridge was busy making breakfast.

It was going to be a special day as her sister, Belinda, and her daughter, Betty, had arrived the previous night.He always enjoyed these private moments with his Dad."Did ya have a good time with Miss Kelly last night?I hear from some of the young hands she's quite the catch." Mike was never shy about probing into his son's life.Jeffrey Ferris responded as if it had been his boss, Mike Coolridge.He tipped his hat with a sharp nod of his head and walked away.Exceptin' o' course my Ma.""You be treading on dangerous waters, Mister Ferris.

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