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She was engaged to some other guy then She moves in lives off of and moves out. What he doesn't realize is that because he's famous. So yeah, that's why they spelled his name wrong I think. Her's really her, you can tell in one of the pics with her and E....

Their are a million models who want to ride the etrain. My reason for posting is this: I have known and known of this girl for 8 years. And Ive watched all of her drama unfold on myspace as funny as that sounds. Dang it looks like shes quite the skank on there huh? fusea..ID=29062082(warning: the backround is of pics of her posting topless.

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Submit Doorway video clip Elliott Yamin Doorway lyrics. On the cd insert and case, there are several very, very nice pictures of of the same .

I am not making allogations or assumptions just giving you the facts. A model who is not working or making any money that sponges off people.

According to one of the members of the ONTD community, Elliott Yamin has been dating a "LA" model by the name of Jamie Paetz.

She's very pretty in a bland and boring kind of way.

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