vietnamese dating agencies - Dating dos and dons

There's no point in being negative - you're leaving, and you want to leave on good terms. Even if you just got the best job in the world, don't brag about it.

Men should not wear shorts or go without shirts around these sites.

When visiting Jewish shrines or memorials, it is also proper for men to cover their heads.

Millions of people come to Israel each year on vacation.

The Middle Eastern country relies on tourism as a major part of its economy.

If you are planning a trip to Israel, keep in mind a couple of dos and don’ts that apply to visitors.

You are not likely to offend anyone in Israel by trying to use the country's traditional greeting.

Before you turn in your resignation, clean up your computer. Make sure you have the contact information for everyone you need to keep in touch with after you're gone. Regardless of how much you hate your job, hate your boss, or hate the company, don't say it.

Even if quitting is the best career move you've made, to date, keep it to yourself. Also, review what not to say when you're resigning.

Often there will be a complimentary yarmulke, a small skullcap, available to visitors who need to cover their heads.

Women should not dress in anything that exposes bare legs or shoulders while visiting a holy site. His writing has appeared for more than 15 years in many news publications including the "Tennesseean," the "Tampa Tribune," "West Hawaii Today," the "Honolulu Star Bulletin" and the "Dickson Herald," where he was sports editor.

If you want to leave sooner, it's appropriate to ask if you can leave sooner. It's a good idea to write a formal resignation letter for your employment file even if you resign via email or on the phone.

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