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The Eastcheap docks saw the unloading of cargo from the Mediterranean – often including oranges and lemons.But not only fruit was unloaded at Eastcheap: it was also the dock at which condemned men would disembark, to begin their final journey.Not a penny was there in it, Only a ribbon around it.

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The bells belong to famous churches in London; it’s possible that these were the churches a condemned man would pass, on his way to his execution.

St Clemens, the first church, is likely that in Eastcheap.

He ran away and hid himself, afraid of a potential scandal.

So Georgie Porgie is really a coward, a cad and a glutton. Oranges and lemons Say the bells of St Clemens, You owe me five farthings Say the bells of St Martins, When will you pay me?

He wasn’t the sharpest tool in the shed, but he definitely loved the ladies.

The last couplet might refer to an incident where George attended a bare-knuckle boxing match which left one contestant dead.George Villiers was likely a bisexual, who had an intense and fairly well-documented attachment to the king.King James was extremely fond of George, and gave him money and titles.A lot of our traditional nursery rhymes aren’t really nursery rhymes at all – they are nonsensical rhymes to amuse children.But many of them have hidden, sinister backstories which are far from child-friendly.Half a pound of tuppenny rice Half a pound of treacle That’s the way the money goes, Pop goes the weasel.

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