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Also, other qualities related to appearance do tend to show up in many such studies.

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“I was dumped because I returned a Redbox DVD a day late,” gripes one Reddit user. “If you’re having an awesome time on a date, but you judge the person for ordering red wine with fish, that’s not legit,” she says.

Social media is filled with tales of dating demerits.

Well, you’re right…but you’re less right than you might think.

In one study of undergraduates, “unattractiveness” didn’t appear among the top 10 “dealbreakers” for long-term relationships.

This was encouraging to see, because anger issues and abusive tendencies should be at the top of ALL of our lists as a “dealbreaker” for relationships. Relationship dealbreakers: Traits people avoid in potential mates.

No matter how good-looking, smart, funny, hard-working, or physically fit that potential partner might be, if he or she is abusive towards you in any way, or consistently cannot control his or her anger, look elsewhere.

A Dealbreaker That Really Matters But what stood out to us, as people who are interested in healthy relationships, was “anger issues” and/or “is abusive.” These dealbreakers appeared near the top of several lists and surveys.

In fact, in one study, this was the commonly listed dealbreaker for a long-term relationship.

So let’s say you’re single, and looking for someone special for a night out, or maybe a new relationship. What gets you hoping that this person might be interested in you, too? As in— Of course, we’re all probably going to have different answers to these questions.

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