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He regularly teaches the Day Skipper and Yachtmaster Shore based courses as well as RYA one day courses.

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Even his intonation attests that the guy was truly a disciple of Soriano.

He knows a lot of inside info about the group and knowledgeable in the who’s who of the organization.

Obeth finished his short biography I will post the general information here.

Also, at the end of this month, he will be back in the program in order to explain in detail the doctrinal reasons why he abandoned the ADD.

For sure this will create friction and tension in their relationships but after weighing the pros and cons he decided to go on.

Let us praise the Lord for His great love is without end.More will be coming from him.[DFF], the most active Catholic apologetic group in the Philippines.With joy in my heart I am blessed to say that I am an associate member of DFF and one of its seminar speakers – a great honor for me since among the members of its stable of apologists, Once Bro.May the Lord grant them the grace to establish an alternative line so that in case of emergency they can switch to another as soon as possible., Mr. The guy is highly educated and fluent in Bicol, Filipino and English.He served as radio host for several years, local radio and TV manager and now an instructor in Electronics Technology. Obeth’s eloquence, oratorical skills, self-confidence and knowledge of the Word of God are living manifestation that his testimony is true.But, sadly they cannot be posted here yet at this point in time.

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