finderdating - Dating customs in south korea

Though these meetings hardly produce couples, they're a good way for people to warm up to unfamiliar faces within their departments.

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The real fun begins at the bar where, after a few drinks and a few rounds of drinking games, the mood lifts and people start to get more comfortable around each other.

There are also meetings where the men and women pair off together based on various methods.

More specifically, let's get into Gwa-tings, or department meetings.

Across Korean universities, there are specific departments, like engineering or performance arts (much like how there are different majors in American universities).

Gwa-tings have taken their place in campus culture as it's one of the most surefire ways for incoming freshmen to adjust to new faces.

Of course, these gwa-tings aren't exclusive to freshmen alone, but it's rare to see upperclassmen participate.

if you are hoping to pickup Korean girls then you are badly mistaken.

Korean ladies feel uncomfortable to meet and date strangers.

Many lovers of K-Dramas probably saw this a couple of times.

For example, a flashback scene in 'Gentleman's Dignity,' with the four men sitting opposite three unattractive ladies until lo and behold, one beauty comes in late, grabbing all of the attention.

You know when you go to the movie theater (alone) or dine out (…alone..) or walk along the streets of any city (……forever alone...), and you feel like the world has abandoned you cold and left you on the streets to die a bachelor/bachelorette? It's just that you come across those special moments you want to share with someone other than your friends or family. Perhaps you're one of the luckier ones and fate has lobbied hard on your behalf to bring you to your significant other when you least expected it to happen.

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