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The technology for manufacturing pressboard steadily increased during this period.

Gradually in the 1870s various types of press board became used. Press board as the name suggests was made by pressing layers of paper together, essentilly a paper sandwich.

Most cards during the 1880s and 90s were made froim pressboard.

European cards often depict awards won, but this is rarecon American cards.

We see rounded corners with single line rules (1889-96).

The photographer name and location are commonly printed just below the image.

The studio name printed in small print on the back. We see different colors used for the face and back of mounts (1880s).The popularity of the nount colors, shapes, embossing, and gilding varied over time. The cabinent card appeared soon after the CDV in the mid-1860s. Just as the CDV was a standard size so was the cabinet card, about 4 by 6 inches. The standard size probable relates to the albums that were made to hold both CDVs and cabinet cards.Te cabinet card was introduced by Windsor & Bridge in London (1863).Thin, light weight card stock in white, off white or light cream (1866-80).We note border with red or gold rules in both single and double lines (1866-80).Figure 1.--This 1897 portrait was taken in Chicago during 1897. Mote how the studio name is impressed which makes it difficult to read. We note wicker furniture often painted wite arounf the turn-of-the 20th century.

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