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With larger platforms, people are louder than ever about the gun debate.

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We have a thirst for cinematic carnage propelled by balletic bullet battles, and we don't think twice about it.

So that's why we see so many guns in our movie marketing. In the aftermath of the Orlando nightclub massacre last year, I compiled a list of 25 releases from 2016 whose posters feature characters with guns.

Current Bessemer investor Josh Harder is a candidate for US Congress in California's district 10.

Bessemer Venture Partners invests in seed stage, early stage and growth stage private companies.

Again, no one blames you (or me) for champing at the bit to see movies that have gun play.

We love movies of all kinds that involve firearms be they based in reality or fantasy.Dating back to the dawn of movie marketing, guns have dominated movie posters. Even those looking to films as an escape from the horrors of the real world rarely hesitate to buy a ticket for the latest action flick in which our hero vanquishes villains with a 9-milimeter or 12-gauge.It's a part of our DNA, thus it's a part of Hollywood's.Bessemer Area School District is a high achieving school district dedicated to providing a learning experience that challenges our students to go beyond their own expectations and to respect the value of learning. Our staff possesses a level of caring, compassion and dedication that is unparalleled.We are very proud to offer our students an extremely high quality education in Washington Elementary School and A. Our core values are responsibility, life-long learning and success.Bessemer Municipal Court serves as the Judicial Branch to the governing body of the City of Bessemer.

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