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The actor from the hit drama, Zettai Kareshi (Absolute Boyfriend), Hiro Mizushima, and famous singer, Ayaka, were caught on camera together, and it seemed like they were on a date.

They were spotted getting out of a Taxi in Azabu-Juban in the night wearing sunglasses.

The "Sakura Shock" substory is one substory for three women.

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Because it was drizzling, they were both holding Mizushima’s umbrella.

They waisted time together in a restaurant for about an hour and thirty minutes together.

The ONLY other distinguishing feature is the voice. Once I finish my guide, I may try to go back and hammer down distinctive tones that I can point out, but it's not easy for some of them.

You can't use how the woman looks (remember that this is Kiryu's imagination) or the script she uses to respond, as there are no distinctions there. I had heard she was the one with the "sexy" voice and I picked up on it almost immediately once she called. There's a good guide for that on Khh Subs. of the voices are still hard to distinguish since you don't always hear them one after the other but overall their tips on the voices were spot on.

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Just in case you're like me and want to 100% the game this is a guide to get all the substories related to the telephone clubs.

Sakurai Sho reported to be dating with a news announcer, Ogawa Ayaka, who is 3 years younger than him.

They both have a great background, so I think they perfect for each other.

I honestly thought you could only get bad dates because after dozens I've only gotten bad ones.

Also your guide isn't too great, I know it's a miniguide, but your RIku one is way off, she wasn't wearing either of those outfits, maybe instead tell us near or far.

Substory #32: Ayaka-Long hair-Has a adult-like sultry voice (imo)-Wears purple clothes Inspect the girls and you'll see a third girl, Ayaka.

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