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He feels an immense empathy towards your struggles with strict, high-demanding parents and can even find a silver lining in your daddy issues.

How can Asian men be attractive when they have small penises caused by historical xenophobia and emasculation through the stripping of their rights, wealth, and property?

If mainstream discourse declares that Asian men aren’t sexy, it’s the truth.

Growing up, Western discourses of beauty overshadowed my developing sense of self.

I presumed that my Asian features needed reconfiguring to be seen as recognizably worthy, yet I also understood the sullen truth that they would never fit the unattainable White ideal. My sisters, it’s time to embrace yourselves and celebrate your Asian-ness.

But sisters, don’t frown, as it is terrible for the complexion.

Never forget that your physical appearance is your predominant allure. No need for a bio; just let ‘positive’ stereotyping do its work.

This satirical piece arises from the personal experiences of the author, who recognizes the diversity of other experiences and histories.

The author strongly encourages continuing dialogue on the specificities and nuances behind the exotification, objectification, and fetishization of Asian women.

Turning to face the Asian fetishists, you might inquire about whatever happened to being treated like an individual.

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