Dating and marriage in bolivia

With such a huge amount of diversity in the gene-pool it's no wonder that the women of Argentina are some of the most exotic and beautiful to be found anywhere in the world.In Argentina the girls pride themselves on being sophisticated and sexy in a sort of pre-World War II kind of way, and it works - boy does it work!This is a country where perhaps the most famous political leader was a woman, Eva Peron, and a hot woman too.

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Santa Cruz is particularly liberal in this respect.

The sexism and machismo characteristic of Latin America is arguably less prevalent in Bolivia than in many other countries, but it can still present an annoyance for foreign women, particularly those travelling alone or accompanied only by other women.

Generally speaking, everyday sexual harassment is less of a problem in high-altitude cities like La Paz, where indigenous cultures predominate, and worse in lower, warmer cities like Santa Cruz, where Latino culture has more of a hold.

Harassment usually takes the form of whistling and lewd cat-calling in the street: most Bolivian women just walk on and ignore this, and you’ll probably find it easiest to do likewise.

Many Bolivians are generous, but apt to take offence if you don’t accept what they have offered you, particularly when it comes to food and drink.

As for alcohol, escaping a drinking session after just one or two is difficult to achieve – it can be better to just slip away rather than announce that you’ve had enough.

Religion – both Christian and indigenous – is also a serious matter, and you should always ask permission before intruding on ceremonies, and act with due respect and sensitivity inside churches and at fiestas or ritual events.

Similarly, always ask permission before taking anyone’s photo, as some Bolivians find this offensive, or expect to be paid.

In remote villages in particular this can cause real offence.

In the hot and humid lowlands, on the other hand, it’s acceptable to strip down to a bare minimum of shorts and sleeveless vest.

Though gay travellers are unlikely to suffer any direct abuse, it’s best to be discreet and avoid public displays of affection.

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