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If you were playing someone in a game of cards, and you knew what cards they had in their hand, do you think it would be difficult to beat them? You'd know exactly how to bet and how to play the game with them, because they'd have nothing on you. Well, that's what The Bad Boy Formula does for you...

(He's the guy you probably hear me talk about as the "Alpha Man.") Using "The Bad Boy Formula" Actually Creates A True Win-Win Situation You see, what most guys have been calling a "Bad Boy" is really the "Jerk." He's the guy that's out of control, and hurts more people than he attracts.

The problem is that the Jerk's strong sense of independence and "take no crap" attitude are attractive to people who are looking for a leader.

"Here's The Secret Method: The Bad Boy Formula..." Have you ever watched the "Star Wars" movies?

They always talked about the "Dark Side" of the Force - and how to avoid it.

When I started hanging out with some of my "jerk" friends, I thought to myself: "Is THIS what I have to do to attract women? Thanks anyways." But as time goes by, you start to reconsider that when you realize that your Nice Guy act isn't getting you squat, and there HAS to be something to the whole Bad Boy thing, right?

I went back and forth on this for MONTHS when I was learning how The Bad Boy Formula worked.

But I always wanted to know what the "Dark Side" training manual looked like, didn't you?

Wouldn't you just LOVE a chance to see what the Sith Lords got trained in?

Well, as a martial arts instructor myself, I can tell you that it's far better to have it and NOT need it than it is to need it and NOT have it.

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