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It's easy to get caught up in the rush you get when you're falling for someone, especially if you really want a boyfriend.

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It's easy to forget to make time for your friends when you start dating someone and want to spend all your time together, but remember who was there for you from the beginning and will be there when there's no prince in the picture. Don't wait for a BF to make you happy—create your own amazing life.

When you're busy being awesome and focusing on the stuff you care about instead of trying to impress a guy, you end up attracting love without even trying.

Okay, so we're suckers for a good aesthetic ourselves, but that doesn't mean we're going to try to change everything about ourselves for a dude, even if he is Prince Charming.

In fact, that's just about the last thing we'd ever do.

For decades, Disney princesses have been seen as role models and icons for young children, starting back in 1937 with the OG Disney princess Snow White.

Growing up, I connected more so with the female animals in Disney films, such as Nala from "The Lion King," Olivia from "The Great Mouse Detective" and even Miss Bianca from "The Rescuers" series. Because these ladies didn't spend the majority of their films pining after a man and true love and all that crap.

It's even more astounding these tips actually for the princesses.

Had anyone who's not animated actually tried them, things probably wouldn't have turned out well.

"Calm down, they're only cartoons," you're probably thinking — and you're absolutely right.

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