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~JMHO~ It seems the French, German and in Holland that girls ARE NOT SHY! Therefor, it is common for each person to pay their own expenses in a social setting, such as dating.'Going Dutch' allows for an even playing ground between men and women.In general, I think that the Dutch can deal well with friendships between male and female friends without obligation to being lovers. And I noticed the different approach of American men..all..for me most of the times too fast and a lot of complaining...(-; Just my 2 Dutch cents...

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ufc dating - Dating across cultures

There is a more "adult" view of sex, and the human body.

There's not the same level of "shame" associated with some things.

"It seems the French, German and in Holland that girls ARE NOT SHY! In fact now they use the English/US term 'date' to decribe when two people who like each other go out.

Also, you shouldn't generalize about European women not being shy; a lot of them are.

The women you meet in night clubs usually are not shy and quite promiscuous, but this is in no way the norm. Yes, for us nudity isn't a big deal, like it is for Americans, but sexually, we're not all kinky, no matter what you may have heard.

Ninki Hmmm..never dated an American or Canadian woman, but I imagine it would be similar to dating any western women like the lovely females we have over here in Australia.

Whne the Janet Jackson wardrobe malfunction occurred, it was shown (without any alteration) on the morning TV shows.

The commentators were kind of laughing at all the fuss over it.

(and I don't necessarily mean sex, I mean a friendship and relationship). First off, North American men are complete and total twits when it comes to dating.

You're all babied beyond belief and led to believe that you're all too good for every girl that crosses your path... European women don't feel the need to be something that they're not, nor do they have to consult all of their 'girlfriends' as to what they should say or do. especially when it comes to picking out wine and cheese. Over-seas women have a much more relaxed, less victorian/puritanical approach to sex and dating.

And there isn't alot of hot water at alot of places.

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