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So much better to thrash it out beforehand than to break hearts and complicate lives later. I have lived in Alaska, Louisiana, Virginia, Oregon, Rhode Island, Wisconsin, Texas...

some of that was on my own, not as a military wife.

Married couples are provided for differently; they will either have housing suitable for a couple assigned to them, or receive a housing allowance that takes the extra dependent into consideration. Does your boyfriend have a ship date for basic training yet? He wouldnt be able to stay at my place I expect but can he still visit?

You will not be able to live with him in base housing unless you're married.

As a single (the military doesn't recognize girlfriends or fiances) non-rate out of boot camp, he will not get housing money (BAH). After boot camp (8 weeks), he will be stationed somewhere.

How long does it usually take to go through training and get stationed in a place you'll be at for a longer period of time?

He can visit you, and he can even stay the night at your place if he's not on duty.

The Coast Guard is searching for the operator of a 18-foot boat found adrift near Doran Beach in Bodega Bay Monday morning.

Justin Greer, 35, of Sonoma County, has not been seen or heard from since Sunday evening.A helicopter from Coast Guard Air Station San Francisco and a 47-foot motor lifeboat crew from Coast Guard Station Bodega Bay suspended search efforts at sunset Monday, but plan to resume efforts at sunrise, said Petty Officer Cory Mendenhall.A 87-foot cutter from Monterey continued the search for Greer through the night, Mendenhall said. Stickitout, Old Guard has been there and will be very open about her experiences as a wife. To answer your question, If his ship goes out to see, you will not be going with him.There are rates (jobs) that they are home most of the time though.If you work too, you may be able to make that work once he is permitted to live where he pleases, but remember that he will travel a lot, and when he gets transferred, you will be on your own financially and logistically to follow, or not.

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