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A common tell-tale sign of being a retard is trying to use the plugs from Hot Topic to pleasure yourself, shitting your underwear, being a faggot, masturbating over fictional pink and sparkling ponies, or all of the theories listed.

Alternative theories suggest that retardation is also caused by punching pregnant women in the stomach, or by a man using a condom, as some Durex factories carry headlice, stringrays and AIDS.

Who clicked through expecting to fan the flame of irritation? Purposefully put ourselves on a path to personal pain. I know of no other species that would intentionally something that we know doesn’t feel good and isn’t necessary. Maybe some of that anger is an automatic rallying of defence by taking an offensive position.

A prepare to strike strategy could appear laudable.

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And the reason why I say “fat girls” and not “fat people” is because women in general already have much higher rates of mental illness than men; a full 25 percent of American girls are cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs.

The mystery of the fat acceptance movement, explained!

In some countries and states, you can even offer euthanasia to terminally ill cancer patients. A retard is a term of endearment for the genetically inferior, stupid and ugly sub-human species put on this earth from God solely for the entertainment of normal people, due to their handicap of being incredibly funny.

A retard is anyone with an IQ of 110 or lower, which points to the obvious conclusion that approximately 99.8% of Americans are, in truth, retards.

Ex: “his progress was retarded by his limp” Synonyms: delay, slow down, slow up, hold back, hold up, set back, postpone, put back, detain, decelerate. Less advanced in mental, physical, or social development than is usual for one’s age. Up until I moved out of the logging camp I lived in as a child, my BFF was a Down Syndrome girl. Common sloppy use of the word fat: an “overweight” or obese person. Though I generally think society has become way too uptight and we’d all benefit by learning to laugh at ourselves and each other (without malice), I would like to see more support of appropriate, intelligent word usage and less tolerance for slang.

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