Dating 3 weeks birthday gift

I would base it on what you know about her so far, a man who remembers what I say always impresses me... Let me tell you something about the whole "flower giving" thing. Buy her a 'hot' bestseller, perhaps something you've talked about or something that you know would appeal to her. I, personally, would love it, but I know many women wouldn't. Skip the bottle of wine and the flowers---although flowers would really wow any woman I know, she would have to carry them around all night and that would be a pain, not to mention awkward. At least put the songs on an MP3 player, now that's a gift. Example only: I love silver and I'd be thrilled with a silver necklace or silver charm or something like a little anklet.

When I was younger (up until the age of 23 or 24) I used to do the flower thing and I later realized the woman should like me for me and not the flowers I bring for her. Write an inscription to her on the inside with the date (her birthday) duly noted. A subscription to a home type mag with recipes AND decorating ideas. I think you should either :1-invite her to dinner-at your place- the night before the party, and then cook her something yummy, and give her a nice bouquet there with a card. -card to the party with either tickets to something for the two of you, a gift certificate for a different restaraunt, or possibly a book that she will love, or that will remind her of your time together (if you went stargazing, make it a book on astrology, etc. I really love books, and a great bookmark would be nice.

If you go, treat it as you would the birthday of a friend you very much like: bring a card, buy them drinks, etc.

" The best case scenario is that they say something like "Oh, probably just doing X with my friends," which makes it clear that you won't be really expected to join in or participate—which is fine.

You aren't that serious yet, so preferring to spend a birthday with friends is totally normal. Possibly, your date will mention a party or get-together to which you'll be invited.

Something small yet meaningful (a little something), but what? Edit: I will be going alone and all of her friends will be there (most I haven't met). or maybe you could get her some chocolate every woman loves chocolate! good luck and hope the pressure cooker's release valve isnt broken!!! A small, yet tastefull bouquet of flowers (NOT ROSES). Okay, maybe that’s not appropriate at this point in the relationship. No burnt cd - that can be used after like 6 months and you have a 'history'.

Talk about a pressure cooker lolhmmmmm try somthing simple and sweet. Don't go overboard on expense, but don't get it at the 7-11 either. As for the poster opting for the bouquet idea, I think I'll pass on that one as flowers at this stage is still a bit much. Keep in mind I want to WOW her with what I get her or really impress her. I want to do this in style, so that her friends will wonder why they can't find a guy like me lol. I’d recommend a simple card with a gift that contains tickets, for the two of you, to an upcoming concert or special event. B) You don't know if she drinks wine, or what type of wine she prefers if she does. And not going to send the wrong message too soon if you follow my advice. No flowers brought to a restaurant - I agree, love them on certain occasions, but not to have to tote around with me.

I bring flowers for the women whom I have meaningful relationships with. Even if she's not the bookish type there are some wonderful landscape (local area or favourite place) photography books, or art or... I admit I'm a bookworm, but lots of people appreciate carefully chosen and attractive books that are on things that are of genuine interest to them. As for the burnt cd I don't see a problem with it being a "part" of a gift and takes more work than just burning the cd.

That's all :)Might I also ass that I would like to get her something that she'll remember me by even if the gift is small. I just want something different that will impress her. Might I also ass that I would like to get her something that she'll remember me by even if the gift is small. I just want something different that will impress her. It's something that can really show how much notice you've been taking of the things that interest her. It also takes a lot of thought as to the type of music and specific songs she likes. Candles are nice as well as the book ideas, BUT as most of you are saying about the flowers it also applies to any gift I give her, inthat, she'll have to carry it around with her (or leave it in the car).

This is a 'boyfriend' type gift but it's also an acceptable gift for any woman, regardless what your relationship is with her. I got to Ask a Girl and I get a guy giving the advice lol. If possible use something that builds on your previous two dating experiences. not to mention the fact that she would have to carry them around... C) Wine is what you bring to her house when she invites you over for dinner. Furthermore, WHY oh WHY do so many men think that flowers are not an appropriate gift or that they are only for certain stages or as offerings of apologies. You can NEVER go wrong giving a girl a bunch of Daisies. anutherchance: I was joking about the guy giving advice on the Ask A Girl forum. The key to buying a personal gift for a new girl is you must know something about her to be able to pull this off i just noticed i was A. Never bring them anywhere but to her at her home (unless delivered at her work). Just write a note in the card telling her about your special gift. Some kind of interest, hobby, "thing" that she's into?

It has to be unique and thoughtful, and something you know for certain she’ll be happy to receive. The bottle of wine is nice, but you will already be drinking... And with further thought I am also thinking wine is not a great idea to bring to a restaurant let alone if they allow me to bring it in lol. A gift card to a bed, bath and beyond, home depot, lowe's etc? If you want to "wow" her---and yet don't really want to go overboard on expense, think about what you know about her, and about your first 2 dates. Show her that you were listening to her when she was speaking on your dates.

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